6 Alternative Ways to Sell A House in Tennessee

Back in the day, real estate sales involved a traditional real estate agent who would get you a photographer and home stager after you completed your home repairs. Then, the agent would list the home on the housing market and host an open house or regular viewings. Afterward, you would get a great bid and … Continued


The Advantages of Selling Your Home By Owner

You have decided to sell your house. Now you must determine which selling process will work best for you. A homeowner can work with a real estate agent or become a DIY home seller. FSBO sellers (for sale by owners) should remember that real estate professionals are experts in home selling. It is a full-time … Continued

An aerial image of the Memphis, Tennessee, downtown.

Cheap Ways to Sell a House in Memphis Tennessee

Are you looking to sell your home in Memphis but have found that the costs surrounding preparing your real estate property for sale are astronomical? Even if your home’s value is high, the resale many homeowners face comes with many hidden costs.  For instance, home improvements may add value to the final sale price, but … Continued

Memphis Mortgage Laws

Get Out of a Mortgage Without a Penalty in Memphis

One of the most important things for a homeowner is learning how to get out of a mortgage without penalty. Understanding the information behind mortgages, late payments, loans, and the basics of selling a house can help you find out how to save money and get the most in return.  But one question remains — … Continued


The Cash Offer Process On A House in TN

Have you been considering selling your house to a cash buyer? If it’s your first time making a home sale, the home buying process can seem overwhelming, especially when dealing with a cash purchase. However, the home purchase process is not as complicated as it looks. Read on to learn what the cash offer process … Continued

fixing before selling a house in Tennessee

What To Fix Before Selling a House in TN

Learn what things you need to consider fixing up before selling a house in Tennessee and get the best deal for your house. Are you looking to sell your house in Tennessee but it has numerous problems like water damage? Are the door knobs falling apart, a ceiling fan isn’t working, and the house needs … Continued

house for sale in Tennessee due to divorce

Selling a House Due to a Divorce

A divorce requires property division, but this process can introduce a lot of conflict into an already volatile situation. They have to determine who owns what to tell the court what is marital property and what is separate property. A family home can be marital or separate property in Tennessee. It depends on things like: … Continued

Sell Your House After 2 Years in Memphis

Sell Your House After 2 Years in Memphis

According to the National Association of Realtors, the average a homeowner lives in their home is for 10 years. However, this poses the issue of how long you should stay in one area before moving on. How long should you keep your house before selling it? The answer will be determined by a number of things. A … Continued

house with negative equity for sale

Selling a House with Negative Equity in Tennessee

If you have a house in Tennessee with negative equity, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Only a few years ago, nearly one-third of all homeowners in the state were underwater on their mortgages.  But what does it mean to be underwater on a loan? That means that a person owes more on their home … Continued