What Can Go Wrong When You Inherit a House in TN

If you’ve suddenly inherited a house, you may not be prepared for the questions and issues that can arise. And if you make the wrong decisions, you will likely encounter financial, emotional, and family problems before long. Forewarned is forearmed, they say, so here’s some of what can go wrong when you inherit a house … Continued

Should I Trust Zillow to Determine My House Value in Memphis

An old adage in real estate sales is “your home is worth what someone is willing to buy it for.” This suggests that there are many different factors, some arbitrary that go into the valuing of a home. In today’s internet savvy world, many look to industry leader Zillow for information. But the questions is, … Continued

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Tenant’s Rights When Evicting A Tenant In Tennessee

If you own a rental property in Tennessee, you’re eventually going to need to know what to do when it comes to evicting a tenant. You might want to avoid evicting a renter as much as possible, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to go the whole time without coming across a tenant who … Continued

The True Costs of Selling Your Memphis House To An iBuyer

Whether you’re selling and want to avoid the inconveniences of a real estate agent or have an urgent pressing need, the conveniences that iBuyers may appear to be offering is actually concealing an unfavorable underlying truth. This method of buying is internet-based and offers a streamlined and rapid sale, on the surface. Unbeknownst to the … Continued

6 Facts About Selling Your House in Memphis That An Agent Will Not Tell You

Considering listing your home? You absolutely have to know these 6 facts about selling your house in Memphis that an agent will not tell you. Before you reach out to a real estate agent to sell your property, don’t look back with regret over not actually understanding everything that lay ahead in the traditional listing … Continued

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Help! I Need To Sell My Rental Property With Tenants In Memphis

Owning a rental property can be a nice additional source of income every month. But after years of dealing with renters, maintenance, and vacancies, sometimes selling sounds like an attractive option.  Or maybe you’re interested in selling because the real estate market is hot right now in Memphis, and think now would be a good … Continued

What Are the Tax Consequences When Selling a House Inherited in Memphis?

The tax consequences when selling a house inherited in Memphis can be hard to understand and untangle much of the time. The relevant laws may seem fairly simple at first glance, but they get complicated when you factor in all the legal conditions and nuances. The short version is that if you made gains, you’ll … Continued