house for sale in Tennessee due to divorce

Selling a House Due to a Divorce

A divorce requires property division, but this process can introduce a lot of conflict into an already volatile situation. They have to determine who owns what to tell the court what is marital property and what is separate property. A family home can be marital or separate property in Tennessee. It depends on things like: … Continued

Sell Your House After 2 Years in Memphis

Sell Your House After 2 Years in Memphis

According to the National Association of Realtors, the average a homeowner lives in their home is for 10 years. However, this poses the issue of how long you should stay in one area before moving on. How long should you keep your house before selling it? The answer will be determined by a number of things. A … Continued

house with negative equity for sale

Selling a House with Negative Equity in Tennessee

If you have a house in Tennessee with negative equity, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Only a few years ago, nearly one-third of all homeowners in the state were underwater on their mortgages.  But what does it mean to be underwater on a loan? That means that a person owes more on their home … Continued

House with termites for sale in Memphis

Sell a House with Termites in Memphis

Termites. Whether they like it or not, termites are a real issue for residents of Memphis, Tennessee. No one wants a house with termites. And, no one wants to buy a home with structural damage. Southern states located in what is known as the Bible Belt are privy to some of the worst termite infections … Continued

sell a house in a floodplain

Selling a House in a Floodplain

Are you thinking about selling a house in a floodplain in Tennessee? If so, this is not an easy task. There are tons of things to consider, especially regarding the potential risk of home flooding and how to get a home buyer interested in taking on a property with this risk. You’ll need to understand … Continued

Things You Must Do in Memphis

Best Things You Must Do in Memphis

Memphis is home to great outdoor excursions, a rich history, and a vibrant music scene. Nature lovers and adrenaline seekers will be enticed by the stunning natural beauty and alluring attractions.  Be sure to try some of the state’s famous barbeque, drink some whiskey, and soak up some Southern hospitality while you’re there. This list … Continued

Cost of Living in Tennessee

Cost Of Living In Tennessee

Also known as the Volunteer State, Tennessee is one of the most recognizable states in the Union. The state has a great deal to offer. Tennessee’s culture is famous for its food and music. The music scene in Tennessee is dominated by blues, country music, and rock n’ roll. Meanwhile, the food scene is known … Continued

Expensive Home Sales in Tennessee

Expensive Home Sales in Tennessee

2020 wasn’t a record-breaker for prime real estate, mainly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, 2021 saw real estate markets rebounding, especially in large cities like New York City and Los Angeles.  The pandemic also offered a unique opportunity in terms of house acquisition. Those who took advantage of low-rate mortgages managed to buy … Continued

The Best Time of the Year to Sell Your House in Memphis

Best Time to Sell Your House in Memphis

Selling a house is not an easy venture. From hiring a realtor, getting your house renovated, setting a listing price, staging it for home buyers, scheduling the home appraisal and inspection, reviewing and negotiating offers, to processing the necessary documents, and closing the deal, there are several steps you need to take and factors to … Continued

Should You Work with a House Flipper in Memphis?

Should You Work with a House Flipper in Memphis?

If you need to sell your house quickly in Memphis, Tennessee, one option to consider is selling it to home flippers. If your home is under foreclosure or has some serious damage, traditional real estate agents might not want to go near it. Home flippers, on the other hand, work with all types of houses, … Continued