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we pay cash for houses in Memphis Tennessee

Having trouble selling? At Fair Cash Deal we buy houses for cash in Memphis, TN, with zero strings attached.

There are several reasons why you might be looking for a quick sale. Regardless of what these are, we will make you a legitimate cash offer for your property. If you accept our offer, we will also usually be able to close sales in a matter of days.

Are you relocating? Is it necessary for you to sell fast to prevent a looming foreclosure? Whatever the reason you are selling, we can help.

Get Cash For Memphis House

Regardless of Its Condition

Does your Memphis home require extensive remodeling?

Memphis Realtors often advise home sellers to update properties to help them sell faster. However, if your cash or credit reserves are low, this might not be an option.

At Fair Cash Deal, we buy houses for cash, regardless of their present condition or location. This means that we will never ask you to perform repairs or updates on your home before we close on a sale.

As well as buying homes in any condition, Fair Cash Deal also helps you save on Realtor, broker, and Escrow agent service fees.

  • Memphis Realtors often charge upfront fees simply to list and start marketing your property. At Fair Cash Deal, we buy houses for cash without you paying any fees.
  • We buy houses fast. In Memphis, it is normal for properties to stay on the market for several months. By comparison, we can make you and offer close sales in a matter of days.
  • In every case, Fair Cash Deal will make you a no-obligation offer on your home. If you accept, we will also allow you to decide when to close a sale.

Sell Your House for Cash and Save on Third-Party Fees

we buy houses for cash in any condition

Memphis Realtors and property brokers typically take away a 6% commission on all successful property sales. However, it’s not just Realtors who take a slice of the pie when you sell your home.

To list your Memphis home for sale, it is often necessary for you to pay out of your pocket for property inspections and evaluations. Some home buyers will also attempt to make you pay for home repairs before they agree to close.

Cumulatively, the cost of simply listing your home for sale can run into thousands of dollars. However, at no point are you given a guarantee that your home will sell.

At Fair Cash Deal, our mission is to make selling your Memphis home as hassle-free as possible.

Unlike local Realtors, we will make you a cash offer for your home after just a single on-site walk-through. As a result, we help you sell faster, while also helping you save in the process.

We Pay Cash For Houses Fast

Regardless of Your Memphis Location

It’s not just the physical condition of a property that can deter home buyers. Even if your home is in pristine, move-in ready condition, you might still have difficulty selling because of your location.

Local crime rates, amenities, and employment opportunities are all major deciding factors for home buyers. If your Memphis home isn’t in the right neighborhood, it might, therefore, stay on the market for months without a single viewing.

At Fair Cash Deal, we’re different from regular home buyers. This is because we don’t care about the location of your Memphis home.

  • We buy houses for cash in Memphis, regardless of property neighborhoods or locations.
  • After visiting your property, we will make you a cash offer within 24-hours. This eliminates the stress of you having to list your home for sale, before waiting for buyers to bite.
  • Unlike regular home buyers, we have liquidity immediately available. As a result, you will never have to wait for us to be approved for mortgages or home loans.

We Pay Cash For Houses That Usually Don’t Sell

Is it imperative that you sell your home fast to prevent foreclosure? Alternatively, is it necessary for you to sell quickly to pay off debts or pay medical bills?

No one likes to bare all when it comes to their personal finances. However, if it is imperative that you sell your home quickly, it is essential to think logically.

Simply preparing a Memphis property for sale can take weeks. There are also some home types that simply don’t sell.

Some Memphis neighborhoods have a better reputation than others. Wider macroeconomic effects can also leave properties idling on the market for months, if not years.

At Fair Cash Deal, we represent the only legitimate way to sell your home fast in Memphis. This is thanks to the fact that we are the only home buyer in the area who will make you a fair cash deal as soon as you decide to sell.

Is it imperative that you sell quickly? If so, it’s maybe time to fire us an email or fill out the form below.

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Sell Your House for Cash And Choose Your Own Closing Date

Fair Cash Deal makes it easy to sell any property in Memphis fast, for a fair asking price. As a result, we provide a financial lifeline to hundreds of homeowners who need to sell their home quickly. At the same time, though, we know that selling can be stressful.

If you are selling to prevent foreclosure, you may still require time to arrange alternate accommodation. Alternatively, you may want to stay in your home up to a specific date for personal reasons.

Regardless of why you are selling, we will give you all the time you need to get your affairs in order.

  • We buy houses for cash, but we let you choose when you need to close.
  • When you do decide to close, we will arrange to have all cash proceeds from your sale made payable by check or bank wire within 3 working days.
  • Unlike when selling through a real estate agent, we never charge hidden fees or extras. The price we offer initially is the exact price we will pay for your property.

How to Sell Your Home for Cash with Us

Selling a home through a Realtor or a broker can be hugely stressful. However, at Fair Cash Deal, we make the process altogether easy.

When we pay cash for houses, we start the process by asking you to contact us directly with your property details. Agents in our Memphis office will then asses these and decide if we are able to make you an offer.

If we are able to make you an offer, we will contact you to schedule an on-site walk-through of your home.

  • We conduct walk-throughs to verify basic property details. (Number of bedrooms, location, etc.)
  • As well as verifying property details, we will conduct a basic visual survey to asses the condition of your home.
  • After conducting a walk-through, we will start the process of preparing an offer for your property.

In many cases, Fair Cash Deal agents are able to prepare offers the same day a walk-through takes place. However, it may take us up to 24-hours to provide you with an offer if there are any details that it is necessary for us to clarify first.

What Happens After I Receive an Offer on My Home?

Unlike Realtors and real estate agents, we don’t charge for consultations or on-site property walk-throughs. This means that you never pay us a penny at any stage during our offer process.

When we do make you an offer, you are also under no obligation to accept this. Neither do we ask that you accept right away. As it is, we are aware that it will often be necessary for you to discuss an offer with other family members first.

Do You Need to Sell Your Home for Cash Fast?

Has your Memphis home already spent months on the market? Alternatively, is it imperative that you sell your home fast to cover debts or prevent foreclosure?

Whatever the reason you are selling, Fair Cash Deal can help.

  • Save on real estate agent, broker, and Escrow agent fees, by securing a direct sale with us in a matter of just a few days.
  • Let us help you prevent a looming foreclosure, by securing an offer for your Memphis home within 24-hours of you reaching out to us.
  • We buy houses for cash, regardless of their age, location, or condition. We also close sales quickly, typically paying cash to you by check or bank wire within days of us making you an offer.

We buy houses for cash all across Memphis, TN. In doing so, we provide a financial lifeline to hundreds of homeowners who can’t wait for the markets to turn in their favor

Are you having trouble selling? If so, let Fair Cash Deal help you sell faster. Start the process now by telling us about your property. As soon as you do, one of our agents will reach out to start the sale process.