How to sell a rental property

Got a Rental Property and Want to Sell? Here’s How…

Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of selling a rental property with tenants? You’re not alone. Many property owners find it tricky to sell a rental property. Navigating the world of real estate and breaking the news to renters can make selling a rental property with tenants a hassle. But don’t worry – this article … Continued
How to sell your house underwater

Underwater – Here’s How to Sell Your House Underwater

Being underwater on your mortgage means you owe more money for your home than it’s worth. It’s sometimes called negative equity or being upside-down. It is not something any homeowner desires, but it is a reality many people face. It’s still possible to sell your house underwater. If the current market value of your home … Continued

Your Guide to the Memphis Housing Market (2022)

Are you looking to buy a house in Memphis? Are you currently undergoing a real estate sale in the city? Whether you’re one of many home buyers or homeowners attempting to sell their single-family homes, you will need to learn about the Memphis housing market. During the summer of 2022, the housing market in the … Continued

The Average Cost Of Living In Tennessee

Are you looking to move to Tennessee and want to learn the cost of living you can expect here? Or are you moving out of the state for lower rent prices and utility costs since you cannot afford the cost of living in Tennessee?  If so, you have come to the right place to learn … Continued

6 Alternative Ways to Sell A House in Tennessee

Back in the day, real estate sales involved a traditional real estate agent who would get you a photographer and home stager after you completed your home repairs. Then, the agent would list the home on the housing market and host an open house or regular viewings. Afterward, you would get a great bid and … Continued

The Advantages of Selling Your Home By Owner

You have decided to sell your house. Now you must determine which selling process will work best for you. A homeowner can work with a real estate agent or become a DIY home seller. FSBO sellers (for sale by owners) should remember that real estate professionals are experts in home selling. It is a full-time … Continued
An aerial image of the Memphis, Tennessee, downtown.

Cheap Ways to Sell a House in Memphis Tennessee

Are you looking to sell your home in Memphis but have found that the costs surrounding preparing your real estate property for sale are astronomical? Even if your home’s value is high, the resale many homeowners face comes with many hidden costs.  For instance, home improvements may add value to the final sale price, but … Continued
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