A House In Memphis For Sale Privately

How to Sell a House Privately in Memphis

Deciding to sell your house privately is a big step that requires the seller to do some serious planning and research, especially if you’re going to sell the open market. It can be a real challenge to sell your house without a real estate agent so it’s important to understand the entire process and what … Continued
A House to Sell That Needs Repairs in Memphis

How To Sell A House That Needs Repairs In Memphis

If you’re thinking about buying a house in Memphis, there’s a good chance that you have to sell your current house first. You might have a problem, however. Your current house might be in need of some serious repairs. Perhaps there is roof or basement damage. Perhaps you’re still dealing with the effects of mold, … Continued
Couple Researching Steps to Get Your House Ready to Sell

Steps To Get Your House Ready To Sell In Memphis TN

Long before you list your house or hold your first open house, the process for selling a property is already well underway. If you decide to sell on the open market (instead of selling your house as-is to a real estate investor like Fair Cash Deal), there are lots of steps you need to take … Continued
Selling A House By Owner In Memphis

What To Know When Selling A House By Owner In Memphis TN

Many people think that the only way to sell a house is by hiring a real estate agent. But that’s not true. There are many ways you can sell a house, including selling directly to a cash buyer. But even if you plan to sell on the open market, you don’t have to hire a … Continued
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