Companies That Buy Houses Reviews In Memphis: What To Look For

When you’re looking for reviews of “We Buy Houses” companies, it’s important to know what to look for. If you want to find the top companies that buy houses in Memphis, it’s critical to check their reviews in order to determine who has built a great reputation with past clients and treats them with respect. Fair Cash Deals is one of the top real estate investment companies in Memphis for when you’re looking for “We Buy Houses for Cash” reviews. It’s critical that you work with a home buyer who is reputable and that you can trust. So let’s take a closer look at how to know you are working with a well-received company that buys houses for cash.

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Make Sure the ‘We Buy Houses’ Company is Legit

You may have discovered a cash home buyer after noticing a “We Buy Houses” sign along the road. Perhaps you got a phone call or mailer from someone saying they’d like to buy your house. How do you know they’re legitimate and not a scammer? You’d use the same ways you’d confirm any business was legit. Do your research!

Begin by asking yourself or the person questions. What is the name of the company? Do they have an actual address or office in or near Memphis that you could visit? Who owns the We Buy Houses company? Do they have a website or social media profiles? Take a look at Google, Facebook, Yelp, and BBB in order to read reviews about them.

Don’t be afraid to push for answers until you feel like you’re getting what you need. And with every answer, feel free to follow up and confirm to make sure it’s real. The more you can verify, the more likely they are to be legit. And if they won’t give you answers to the questions you’re asking, ask yourself why.

Read the Reviews

Any reputable company that buys houses for cash is going to have a section on their website with testimonials and reviews. Fair Cash Deal does and it’s full of client testimonies happy with their results and the cash they were able to get for their house. 

“I’ve had the property for a while and I was wanting to get rid of it for some time,” said Mr. Preston. “[Fair Cash Deal] contacted me, we worked and negotiated, and got it worked up. And here we are at closing. And that’s less than 7, 8 days. I appreciate the good business.”

My experience with Fair Cash Deal was once again amazing,” said Larry E. “As a realtor, I extremely recommend them. Rashard was incredible, knowledgeable, patient and very diligent. They bought my client’s home at such a fair price. My client is happy with the money she got from selling her house, and I am extremely happy everything went well.”

These are just some of the reviews you’ll read and the kinds of things clients and customers should be saying about any We Buy Houses company that you are considering working with.

See How They Follow Through

When you start to work with a cash home buying company, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on what they say and do. A reputable We Buy Houses company is going to be upfront and honest in the way they interact with you. If they say they are going to do something or meet a certain deadline, make sure that they do. You should always feel like they are going to honor their word and deliver on the expectations that are set. They want to buy your house so that they can turn around and fix it and then sell it for a profit, they have a vested interest in wanting to buy your house for a fair price. So if they don’t seem like they’re living up to expectations, you don’t have to continue to work with them. 

Do They Know What They’re Talking About?

Selling your house can be a frustrating and confusing process even for the most experienced owner. Selling your Memphis property to a company that buys houses for cash is supposed to make that process easier by cutting out the middlemen so that you can deal directly with the buyer and get a fair, cash offer quickly. A big way that the buyer makes that process simple is by being knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to direct buying and understanding your local housing market. A smart homebuyer has a good sense of what the Memphis market looks like so that when they are putting together their offer, they are making sure it’s fair for you and them. 

Fair Cash Deal is a family-owned business that lots of experience buying and selling houses in the Memphis, Tennessee area. We’ve seen all kinds of situations, from water damage to foreclosures to hoarders, so we understand the unique process that your specific situation will entail.

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They Don’t Pressure You To Sell Your House

You may be in a position where you need to sell your house for cash in Memphis fast. That can put you in a tricky spot as a scammer will want to take advantage of your situation in order to buy your house for way less than you’d like. A reputable home buyer will never make you feel as though you are getting lowballed or feel pressured to sell your house to them. 

A good company that buys homes for cash will be a resource to you, first and foremost. They’ll lay out your options, be honest about how they see your situation and provide you with a fair cash offer to buy your house. You are under no obligation to accept that offer no matter what and any good home buying company will make sure that is clear. At Fair Cash Deal, we will never pressure you to say yes or to accept an offer you aren’t 100% happy with. Working with a home buyer should be a smooth and painless experience, not one filled with high anxiety and frustration. 

The process is simple. You contact the home buyer with information about your house and situation. They review the details of your property and then reach out to schedule an appointment to come take a tour of the house. This way they can use all of the information available to make you the best offer possible. Then, once they’ve done their due diligence, the home buyer will present you with a fair offer payable in cash. You are under no obligation to accept the offer but if you do then it’s your call as to when you close on the sale. Again, no pressure! If you want to close ASAP or wait a few weeks, a good home buying company will work with you. 

Once you’ve closed, the home buyer will make sure you’re comfortable with the arrangement and hand over cash that you can put in your pocket and start thinking about your next steps. Fair Cash Deal is ready to be the home buying company you’re looking for. So please reach out to us today and find out why we’re the best-reviewed cash home buyer in Memphis.

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