Direct Property Buyers In Memphis: How To Sell Your House Direct

Some people need to sell a house because they are facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, or maybe they are just tired of dealing with never-ending home repairs. Whatever the reason may be, if you need to quickly sell your house right now it can be a stressful, slow, and expensive process. The average days on the market in Memphis are 31 days. And that is, if your house is ready to put on the market, no repairs or updates. So if you need to sell quickly and not deal with the hassle of home renovations, finding a direct home buyer would be your best solution. To find out more about selling to a direct property buyer in Memphis and how to sell your home direct, continue reading.

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What are Direct Homebuyers?

Direct property buyers are usually a single investor, a group of investors, or big corporate businesses that purchase real estate in a specific market, like the Memphis market. Each has different goals in mind when buying a home and benefits they offer homeowners that are looking to sell their house.

Some direct home buyers purchase properties with cash, which allows them to close quickly. Unlike traditional buyers who use banking financing. Also, most direct house buyers buy homes in as-is condition, helping homeowners avoid costly repairs and renovations. So the advantages of working with a direct home buyer would be to save money on home repairs and to sell quickly. 

Besides that, since you’re selling your house directly to them, there is no need to enlist a real estate agent to sell your property. In turn, this saves you costly realtor commissions that are typically 6% of the total sales price. So if you sell your house for $250,000, you potentially could owe $15,000 in real estate fees. That’s a pretty big chunk of change. Depending on which direct home buyer you end up working with, some out there don’t charge real estate commissions. Be cautious though some of the more prominent companies charge “services charges,” which can equate to what you would be paying in agent commissions. 

Another incentive to sell your house directly to a property buyer is that some will help pay closing costs. Just make sure to look over any offer they make you for your home to verify they will not charge you real estate commissions or closing costs. 

How to Find a Good Direct Property Buyer in Memphis

If you’re interested in finding a direct house buyer, you should know how to tell a good direct property buyer from a bad one. Be cautious; there are scam artists out there that claim they are direct home buyers, so before you give anyone a call, here are a few things you should verify first. 

  • Are they Better Business Bureau accredited? If their business is accredited, this is a good sign that you’re working with a legit professional home buying company. Next, check their score, make sure they have a good BBB rating. After that, check their customer reviews and see if they have any customer complaints. 
  • Find out how many years they’ve been in business; usually, this is noted on their BBB page too. You want to work with someone that at least has a few years of experience. 
  • Google them and see how many Google reviews they have and ratings. Read the Google reviews to make sure they sound like real people wrote them. Sadly reviews can be fake.
  • Once you’ve Google their business, go to their website. How does the website look? Does it look professional? If you’re working with a local direct home buyer, see if they have any personal photos on their website, so you know who you’re working with. 
  • Look over what they offer. Do they buy houses as-is? Do they pay closing costs and don’t charge real estate commissions? Do they let you pick the closing date and let you move on your schedule? All this information should be on their website. Also, this will be helpful to know so that when you talk to them, you can make sure what they say online lines up with what they say over the phone. 
  • Confirm that they use a Memphis title company to close on your property.
  • Locate them on social media to make sure they have a social media presence. Most businesses have a Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Instagram. When you find those, check out their pages and reviews. Does it line up to what they say on their website?
  • Most importantly, make sure they are a direct house buyer willing to work with you, answer any questions, and put everything in writing.

After you verify all those questions and fact checks, if the direct property buyer passes all of them, then you have found yourself a reputable real estate investor. 

How to Sell Your Home Direct?

From start to finish, when working with a good direct home buyer, this process should be straightforward and will look something like this.

  1. Call or Request an Offer Online

They’ll request information to learn more about the property you would like to sell. How old it is, what condition it’s in, if it has had any fire or water damage, does it need any repairs? After they go over those details, they either will ask to set up a time to view the property or request photos to be sent.

  1. Get a Cash Offer

After they find out more about the property and get photos or come by to take a look at the place, they will go over your home’s details and present you with a free cash offer. 

  1. Accept the Offer

Once you agree and accept the offer, you can choose your closing date and figure out when moving out works for your schedule. Remember, there are no repairs or renovations that need to be completed before you move out. Some will even handle clean up even if it’s a hoarder home.

  1. Move Out and Start Fresh!

When the closing day comes, you will likely meet at a designated title company in Memphis, sign documents and officially sell your home, leaving with cash in hand. Depending on the direct home buyer, you work with; the closing can be done in as little as seven days after getting your cash offer!

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Now that you have all the tools you need to find a reputable direct property buyer and know the process from start to finish it’s time to go out there and find a direct home buyer. 

For the sake of saving you time though Fair Cash Deal is a direct home buyer in the Memphis area, that would be highly recommended. 

Fair Cash Deal is a real estate solutions company based out of Cordova. They are a family-owned business that is focused on helping homeowners find solutions for their problems; whether you’re going through a foreclosure, just can’t sell your property, or need to sell your house quickly, we are here to help! Fair Cash Deal has been in business for four years and has an A+ BBB rating

We also know that there are many companies out there that claim to buy your home, but at Fair Cash Deal, we work with you to create a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you’re ready to sell your house quickly and work with a reliable home buying company, then fill out our form here or give us a call at (901) 531-9917 to get a fair cash offer in minutes. We look forward to working with you!

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