distressed property in memphis for sale

How To Sell Distressed Properties In Memphis TN

Are you looking to sell a distressed house in Memphis, TN? Some people would make you think this is impossible. The lender is demanding their money, the house is possibly in disrepair, and you aren’t able to find any market buyers willing to make a deal fast. However, when it comes to distressed properties, you … Continued
a pile of different stuff at a hoarders house in Memphis

6 Steps To Sell A Hoarder’s House In Memphis

Selling a Memphis house that is currently occupied by a hoarder for full of a hoarder’s belongings can be a massive undertaking. Selling a house can already be a time-consuming process but add in all of the extra steps, precautions, and costs that can be involved with selling a hoarder house and you might find … Continued
Picture Of A Will For An Inherited House In Memphis

What To Do After You Inherit A House In Memphis

Inheriting a house can be something you expect to happen but usually, it ends up being something that you might not have expected at the moment. While it might end up being a welcome addition to your real estate holdings, or even a new place to live, it’s likely that an inherited house can quickly … Continued
dirty house that squatters have lived in

How To Sell A House With Squatters In Tennessee

Mention the word “squatter” and it might conjure the idea of a stranger moving into a house uninvited and trying to live there for as long as they can. While that is certainly one type, it’s not the only version of what we know as squatters. There are “professional squatters” who move from vacant home … Continued
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