A House In Memphis For Sale Privately

How to Sell a House Privately in Memphis

Deciding to sell your house privately is a big step that requires the seller to do some serious planning and research, especially if you’re going to sell the open market. It can be a real challenge to sell your house without a real estate agent so it’s important to understand the entire process and what … Continued

how to sell a house with mold in Memphis TN

Can I Sell A House With Mold In Memphis?

If you’ve ever met anyone who had to deal with a house full of mold, you’d know that what sounds like a simple problem can easily turn into a nightmare. That’s especially true if what you’re dealing with turns out to be black mold. Mold may start out literally as a microscopic concern, but it … Continued

dirty house that squatters have lived in

How to sell a house with squatters

Mention the word “squatter” and it might conjure the idea of a stranger moving into a house uninvited and trying to live there for as long as they can. While that is certainly one type, it’s not the only version of what we know as squatters. There are “professional squatters” who move from vacant home … Continued

Selling A House With Pets

How To Sell A House With Pets Selling a house with pets can be a little stressful. That’s why we created this infographic to walk you through exactly how to sell your house with pets.